Cuisine: Italian

Escarole Soup

Escarole soup, also known as wedding soup, is the perfect winter soup. It gets the name wedding soup from the Italian phrase 'minestra maritata', which translates to 'married soup', due to the flavor produced from the marriage of the escarole and meat.

Garlic Butter Bok Choy

This vegetarian bok choy is creamy and delicious. A perfect side dish for winter days.

Zucchini and Oregano Rice Casserole

This zucchini and spiced rice casserole is a unique tasty and satisfying dish, easy to prepare, and perfect as a Thanksgiving side. A simple recipe based on a few ingredients: rice, zucchini, marjoram, eggs, milk, and parmesan.

Tomato, Pickled Canteloupe and Burrata Antipasto

This is what summer should taste like. This antipasto (before dinner plate) with sweet pickled melon, juicy grape tomatoes, and creamy fresh burrata, is heavenly for hot summer days.

Broccolini with Thai Shallots

Broccolini is one of our favorite green veggies and this is definitely the easiest, tastiest way to prepare it.

Strawberry Tangerine Bellini

The Bellini is a famous champagne cocktail created by Giuseppe Cipriani, proprietor of Harry's Bar in Venice. The Bellini has become one of the most famous and popular of all wine cocktails or champagne cocktails. It's typically made with peaches, but since it's not peach season (yet!) we went with some strawberries and tangerines for an in-season twist!

Heirloom and Burrata Chop Salad

This light and creamy salad is heaven on a plate.