California Summer Tart


August 22, 2019

This healthy and fresh summer tart is vegan, gluten-free and uses all seasonal fruits!
Recipe by: Justine Colbert
instagram @justinecolbert


1Blend the crust ingredients in a food processor until fine. Pat down into tart pan or pie dish.

2Blend filling ingredients until smooth. Pour into prepared crust.

3Mix topping ingredients together in a large bowl. Add in the fruit of choice (tangerine pieces, apricot, green plum, and kiwis were used). Arrange on top of the filling.

4Pop in the fridge for several hours or overnight. Enjoy!



2 cup almonds

1 1/2 cup walnuts

5 large dates

Sea salt



1 1/2 cup cashews (soaked in warm water for several hours)

3 dates

2 tablespoon maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Dash of sea salt


Juice of one tangerine

1 tsp raw honey