Raw Winter Salad with Candy Cane Beets and Tangerines


January 20, 2019

Great things come in small packages, and it doesn't take much to make a big impression! Pixie tangerines, candied beets, crushed local almonds and a sprig of basil, all stacks up to a beautiful vegan 'salad' of deliciousness.


1Peel beets and slice into 1/4 inch slices.

2Boil in salted water until soft.

3Shock in cold water and drain.

4Peel, slice, and de-seed tangerines.

5Sliver almonds.

6Chop everything into bitesize pieces.

7Make a 1:1 vinaigrette with olive oil and red wine vinegar and add salt to taste, then pour over salad.

8Mix well and garnish with basil!


4 candy cane beets

2 tangerines

Sprouted almonds

Basil (for garnish)


Red wine vinegar

Olive oil