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GrubMarket strongly believes that access to pure, natural, organic food should not be a privilege of the few, but a human right for all! It wasn’t that long ago that all grown food was organic, and even if that is no longer the case, we live in a land of plenty; more than capable of sharing the wealth of health.


Limited Access

Los Angeles and Orange Counties are full of both abundance and scarcity. Many pockets of our county (usually impoverished areas) are vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods. Instead, they are full of fast-food and other markets serving processed foods loaded with sugar that doesn’t fuel the body or soul. That’s why we do everything we can push our fleet further, constantly expanding into these food deserts, to make sure everyone can reap the health benefits of this life-changing food.



Limited access is not just an issue of geographical location. Many people find the cost of organic and natural foods as a barrier between them and health. At GrubMarket, we are continually pushing to make our prices more affordable, while still paying the farmers the price they deserve for their delicious, healthy food. We’ve recently lowered the price of our beloved FarmBoxes, and continue to search for low-cost options in the hopes that everyone, regardless of income, can afford farm-fresh groceries.


Small-Batch Food Makers

Another way we aim for accessibility is in the access we give both consumers and their local artisans and farmers to each other.  When you remove the big businesses that come between consumers and their foods, you open the door to a world of possibilities. Many artisanal products that we offer are locally produced on a small-scale, without access to the benefits of marketing or distribution. By seeking out and celebrating these small businesses, we help them survive and thrive, all while building an online marketplace that is truly unique and inspiring.


It’s the little things we do that add up to make a big difference.

At GrubMarket, We Aim For Accessibility.