Healthy Eating for a Better Life

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Over the past hundred years, we’ve seen a major disconnect emerge between the food we eat and where it comes from. As our lives become busier and busier, we choose fast food and takeout over preparing our own meals. Even with the food at our grocery stores, we cannot always be sure of its origin and whether it was raised using sustainable methods.

The quality of our food has suffered. Rather than cooking with delicious, fresh ingredients, our meals are clogged with preservatives and choked with sodium. Rather than benefiting from the abundant nutrients of fresh vegetables, fruits and meats, we consume empty calories and pseudo-foods.


Are we surprised that people have forgotten how to enjoy healthy foods and the simple pleasures of home cooking? Is it any wonder that we are dealing with an obesity crisis and that childhood diabetes is skyrocketing?

We must do something to turn this trend around. We must reclaim our food, for the sake of our own health and vibrancy. Fortunately, we already have everything we need to reverse negative habits and return to our natural states of wellness.

Esteemed author and natural food advocate Michael Pollan has written extensively about the national food crisis. His solution? Eating real food. He advises us to avoid anything “your great Grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” Supermarkets should be treated with caution, primarily because the produce may not be of the highest quality.

Therefore, the best thing that we can do is to eat fresh food, grown with sustainable methods. This food is the true bounty of the earth- incredibly fresh, healthy and delicious. Simply put, eating high-quality foods translates into better health and a higher quality of life.

However, it is not always easy to incorporate the best ingredients into your diet. Farmers markets are sparse and not always located in convenient places. And many health food stores have a talent for draining our bank accounts.

At Grub Market, we understand these challenges. And this is why we decided to create a direct link to California farms. Through our online platform, you can order wonderful fresh produce and foods that will enrich your health.

Crisp Fuji Apples. Verdant green summer zucchini. Hearty organic yams. Which one of these natural treasures will you bring into your life?

To your health, happiness, and livelihood,

The Team at Grub Market