Our Trip at San Martin Dairy Farm

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One of the GrubMarket’s core values is to bridge the gap between local food producers and customers. One way we do this is by providing first class delivery services for local farms, allowing them to grow access to their existing customers and help them attract new customers.


Last weekend, we even brought them closer, by hosting a farm tour at San Martin Milk Company for over 60 customers. We chose theSan Martin Milk Company  because their raw milk is one of the most popular items on GrubMarket. Our response was so great last month we wanted to show our consumers where this amazing, local milk comes from. The raw milk dairy tour held on November 16, was a huge success. We would like to share some of the highlights of the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAxVfGTDvBE&list=UUoliiX3BSVXHtWTTZLp4cFA


We had participants from four counties in the bay area, and arrived at the San Martin Dairy Farm at 11 a.m. Everyone was very excited to experience this farm visit with friends and family.

Jeff Whalen, owner of San Martin Raw Dairy Farm, brought in his lovely brown Jersey cows for the kids to milk.


Everyone got a front-seat view of the cows. Our friend, Jane and her husband, Mike introduced us the basic facilities in the dairy farm, teaching us about the general milking process.


Ever wonder what a cow experiences during milking? Jeff showed us the milking tubes that mimic the sensation of a calf suckling.


Jeff gave a demo of the whole milking process, and then the children were given a try at hands-on milking.


For lunch, we served great selections of food and drinks supplied from our GrubMarket vendors. Sausages from Prather Ranch Meat Company, goat cheese from Ever Green Acres Goat Dairy, and of course, raw milk from San Martin Raw Milk Dairy.

After lunch, we went into the field to learn about the ecosystem of the dairy farm, giving the kids more time to hang out with the lovely cows.

At the end of the day, Mike shared some wonderful stories of farm life with kids at the barn.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone for joining us on Sunday! We had such a great time on our visit to San Martin Milk Farm. We hope everyone enjoyed seeing where our amazing Raw Cow Milk comes from while witnessing all the hard work Farmer Jeff and his team put in daily to bring us their product. We’d like to plan more farm visits like this in the future.