Announcing WholesaleWare 2.0!

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our revolutionary software, WholesaleWare 2.0 to all food industry wholesalers, farmers, distributors, suppliers, and vendors across the United States! Wholesale Ware boasts end-to-end financial tracking and order management for the food industry. Combined with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive technical functionalities, WholesaleWare leads to increased productivity and accuracy, waste reduction, profit margin improvement, and customer satisfaction.

WholesaleWare 2.0 offers the following groundbreaking features:

Inventory and Pricing Management: Effectively manage product inventory and pricing with precision and real-time updates.
E-commerce: Sell and order online in an intuitive and user-friendly way.
Financial Integration: Seamlessly integrate daily business activity with the company’s accounting systems.
Customized Reporting: Monitor real-time activity and profitability.
Customer Relationship Management: Build long-lasting relationships with customers via engagement tools and a brilliantly efficient purchasing platform.
Manufacturing and Work Orders for Complex Deliverables and Repacking: Not only buy and sell products but also process intricate packing/cutting orders.
Logistics Management: Automatically plan and optimize daily delivery routes and manage real-time communication and positioning of the delivery fleet.
Food Safety and Traceability: Provide complete traceability, compliance, and QA validation.
Human Resource Management: Effectively manage employees’ performance and productivity, headcount, payroll, benefits, and maintain HR records in a digital way.

Our very own CEO and founder, Mike Xu had this to say: “GrubMarket carries the mission of digitizing the food supply chain industry, which has been lacking technology innovation and disruption for centuries. Our software not only finds its roots from our technology leadership and expertise in cutting-edge software development, it also stems from GrubMarket’s proven track and deep insights in food supply chain industry, as one of the major food providers in California and nationwide. With the successful traction, our software has garnered from food industry suppliers and vendors, we are thrilled to launch our WholesaleWare 2.0.”

WholesaleWare 2.0 is available now, you can check it out here.