The Divine Fruit: Fuyu Persimmons

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Fuyu Persimmons

Fuyu persimmons are a prized fruit in many parts of the world. Asian countries have been cultivating persimmons for over a millennium. Japan considers them their national fruit (where it is called kaki). In Greek, the botanical name diospyros means “divine fruit” – and for good reason!

What are Fuyu Persimmons?

Fuyu persimmon in a non-astringent variety which means they can be eaten straight off the tree! Unlike some other varieties of persimmon, these lack a core, seeds, and tannins, which make them super easy to eat. They are a pumpkin-orange color and similar in shape to tomatoes. The flesh is firm and crisp when young and becomes more tender as they mature. They have sweet and savory flavors with notes of cinnamon and honey – how heavenly! 

What is the best way to store and eat them?

Fuyu Persimmons

Fall Roasted Persimmons and Beets – Click image for recipe

Fuyu persimmons are a great source of vitamin A and C, and fiber and are very versatile in almost every way. For storage, they can either be kept at room temperature or kept in the refrigerator if preferred. Just remember to store them separately from apples since they are ethylene sensitive and will ripen quickly.

These fruits are a perfect healthy snack to just cut up and eat raw! You can also add them to salads, bake them into pies, or turn them into jelly. In Japan, they even turn the leaves into tea!

Where can I get them?

While they are cultivated heavily in Asia, luckily for us, they are also grown in the United States predominantly in California (the San Joaquin Valley, San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County). One of our local farm partners, Sycamore Hill Ranch, has been providing our Fuyu persimmons for us to enjoy! Look for them seasonally in our produce store page.