GrubMarket Featured on the Inaugural YC Top Companies List by Revenue

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We are thrilled to announce that GrubMarket has been featured on Y Combinator’s inaugural “Top Companies by Revenue” list, which recognizes YC’s most successful companies that have achieved the highest net revenue throughout 2022. This list includes both public and private companies and the companies on the list have collectively generated more than $50B in total revenue in 2022.

According to YC, “a startup is designed to grow fast, and the best metric to gauge that growth is revenue. After all, you make what you measure. And in today’s uncertain economic climate, when prudence around fundraising and valuations make sense, it’s especially worth shining a light on revenue as the clearest signal of a startup’s success.” We are proud to continue being recognized as one of the fastest-growing and most impactful companies in the world, but especially for the food supply ecosystem. Check out the full list at