Healthier Ways to Beat a Hangover!

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Good Morning!

Oops. Sorry, was that too loud?

You’re hungover and you want to get rid of that horrible headache-sick-to-your-stomach-dizzy feeling, but you don’t want to do your body any more damage!

We get it!

We’ve put together some great hangover cures for you, so cuddle up, turn your brightness down, and get ready to feel better.



Water and Coconut Water

First things first, it’s time to hydrate. While orange juice or ‘hair of the dog’ may be tempting, those are the worst things you could do to your body. Orange juice is full of sugar which will actually make your headache worse. Plus, it’s highly acidic, which is going to make your alcohol-filled tummy even more upset. What you need is clean water, preferably alkaline, and electrolytes to replenish after dehydration. Try this sustainable fair-trade coconut water (on sale now!), or make your own fruit water!

Green Juice

After you’re done with water or coconut water, try to fill your body with feel-good, clean green nutrients! This is the best way to get your body feeling better. Just make sure you don’t choose produce that is too spicy or acidic! Sip it slowly and soon enough you’ll feel the benefits of Mother Nature’s energy.

Need some greens? Our St. Patrick’s Day Green Sale is still on! 


We’re all bananas for this tropical fruit. But did you know these little yellow bunches are the best for your booze-battered body? When we drink, our natural potassium levels drop, leaving us feeling tired and weak. Bananas, naturally high in potassium, can make you feel loads better, even after only one or two! Plus, bananas are naturally alkaline, which means it won’t upset that cocktail of stuff that’s still hanging out in your tummy, and will actually help settle it down. Plus, its B6 vitamins and healthy natural sugars will replenish your energy.

Bonus! Pair banana with other easy to eat hangover cures for a filling breakfast. The rice crackers and peanut butter will fill you up, while the bananas do their thing! The honey, full of natural fructose, helps your body convert the alcohol into acetic acid (a necessary process for gettin’ it out of your body)!

We’ve got better bananas! Support Ecuadorian banana farmers by buying Fair-Trade bananas only.


Scrambled, poached or fried, it’s time to crack a few eggs. Eggs are rich in the amino acid cysteine that helps break down acetaldehyde (the toxin that’s currently making you feel crappy). If you are the kind of person who can make the Tortilla California recipe (below) while hungover, serious kudos to you! For the rest of us, get a boyfriend or girlfriend or chef roomie to make it for you! It’s easy, we promise. Watch the video here. 

Buy TRULY free-range cage-free eggs from local legends Lily’s Farms. (Where chickens rule!)

Avocado Toast

Instagramers rejoice, your avocado toast is officially a healthy way to hangover! The healthy fats of the avocado combined with low-glycemic carbohydrates replenishes and nourishes your system while taking it easy on your digestion. Not all bread is created equal, however. Ditch anything processed and visit your local bakery. Aim for an all-natural sourdough, whose wild yeast and lactobacillus neutralize phytic acid and aid in the digestion of its most important nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.